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Hai friends as per the PCI rules and regulations we have added the web link for "pharm.D syllabus india"
we hope that you can download the  syllabus copy through the web link given below.
    alternate direct download
just click and then click on rules and regulations and then click on pharmdregulations
and the syllabus will be downloaded.


  1. sir im a bipc student n i hav completed my 2nd year thinkng 2 take up pharm d n i need all d required information regarding this plz send me information 2

    1. pharm.D (DOCTOR OF PHARMACY) is a six years course (5+1)as you are a BI.P.C student in first year you will be having Remedial maths and in the fifth year you will be having clerk ship for six months and in the sixth year you will be having internship in which you have to work six months in the general medicine Department and six months in other departments.
      if you are willing to join in pharm.d course make sure to select a college which is having hospital or having tie-up with the Recognized hospital.Because in pharm.D course you should have more practical knowledge about drugs and their proper usage

      so I wish you all the best and have a good future plan
      for further details you can download the syllabus copy and refer with it

  2. Sir i have completed intermediate (m.p.c) group.
    now am thinking to take up pharm D.....
    Is it better for m.p.c student...??
    and i need a information regarding this plz ...,
    send me email-

  3. pharm.D is for both m.p.c as well as for bi.p.c students. As you are a m.p.c. student you have to study remedial biology in your first year. this subject is only for your basic knowledge about botany and zoology. this subject will be easy and no need to worry about it.

    as pharm.D is conducted only in the P.C.I recognized colleges so there wont be any problem.

    But my suggestion is that if you are going to join in pharm.D please choose a college that has been tied with the recognized hospital or the college is having the hospital.
    Because from second year you will be having pharmacotherapeutics subject which deals with better therapy for the particular diseases. This subject will be having the practicals . for this you have to visit the wards in the hospital.

    If the college is having the hospital you will gain more practical knowledge.And you can even interact with the doctors. the colleges which is having hospitals in that the students are taken to hospital wards from their second year it self.

    so we suggest you to join in the good recognized colleges.

    For the list of pci recognized colleges you can check for "LIST OF COLLEGES" in the label section of our blog.

    so I wish you all the best and have a good future plan
    for further details you can download the syllabus copy and refer with it

  4. helo sir ,im a bipc student. and my rank is 29000.can i get a seat in pharm d .and what is the future of pharm d

    1. As for your first question we are not sure about that you may get seat in pharm.D Because the ranks and seats are based on the categories.for your information you can check in following link

      As for your second question
      In our country you can see a lot of mortality rate in that one of the cause is drug error, drug interactions etc..

      so to reduce these drug errors pharmacy council of India and government of India has introduced this course.
      In pharm.D you have lot of opportunities
      some of them are clinical pharmacist, pharmacovigilence, lecturer, drug inspector etc

      if you are willing to go to abroad you will have a chance to write naplex (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) and if you have done well you can get the license to work in abroad. to know more click this link
      and different countries will conduct different licensure examinations.
      so we wish you all the best for future

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  5. hello sir
    im intrested to do pharm d .plz u say all details about this course .n how many subjects,it has.
    n wats the future it has.plz help me out as soon as possible.

  6. Click the link to know about the subjects and regulations

    you can download the full pharm.D regulation (pharm.D syllabus)through our download links when you click on "CLICK TO DOWNLOAD" you will be directed to upload .to website from there you can download the copy

    As all our download links has been added to website

  7. hello sir i am pharm d student..2010 batch..
    i passed in two subjects in main exams of first year and cleared one subject in supplementry..
    as i got promoted in supply exam can i write pharm d 2yr main exams???? plz reply me soon..

  8. if any one want to do pharm d so better try in manipal university after that other universitis are not good............
    manipal university is doing well for pharm d so better try for there.......

  9. can u give me the download link of pharm d new syllabus(revised)..

    1. to our knowledge,the Pharmacy council of India has not made any changes in the previous syllabus. so there is no new syllabus for pharm.D.


  11. to our knowledge,the Pharmacy council of India has not made any changes in the previous syllabus. so there is no new syllabus.

  12. Hello Sir, This is good for me and my friends and B. Phama is good & provide good facilities. Your blog is helping to jobseekers for giving the syllabus. Keep it blogging latest updates always……..

  13. hello sir
    im a bipc student and i have not much grip on maths.i have read the first reply.but im afraid that i cant do maths i cant even understand that subject.i cant stand by that subject.can u please help me out.i wanted to know that the remedial maths is hard or easy? thank you.

    1. In pharm.D the remedial maths subject is very easy and no need to bother about it. this maths is just for basic knowledge and be worried about it as say in our every posts if you are going to join in Pharm.D check for hospital tie up, faculty and ask the students about the college. for further information about remedial maths click the link

      all the best for your future

      for more information about Pharm.D follow us at blogger, facebook

  14. Am pass my 12 with 81% in science . I want to stady pharm d . My mrk is better for the stady . And it is gud for me !
    I wnt a gud suggestion for my cariyr
    Plz hlp me

    1. As we always say that your marks doesn't matter. if you have to study pharm.D you have to gain thorough knowledge in the subjects related to pharm.D. you can get the copy of the syllabus through our blog

      But before you join pharm.D estimate youselfs why you want to join Pharm.D?
      And if you would like to join please choose a good college which is having hospital or hospital tie up and who pays stipend at the time of your intership

      Before you join don't forget to ask about the stipend in the internship as stipend is your right for further details please check our recent post regarding the message for students seeking to join in Pharm.D in india

      warm regards

  15. Hi. I want to take pharma d course. I wanted to know the list of colleges which have their own hospitals.And i also wanted to know whether remedial maths is hard??? What is the scope for pharma d students after the course is completed?


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